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2021: The year of no wedding trends being on-trend?

2021: The year of no wedding trends being on-trend?

Is this the year we decide that no matter what may be deemed popular in the wedding industry, we do what we want anyway!? 

In our blogs we often refer back to 2020 (a year we want to forget, obvs!) but a year that we believe has shaped so many new trends, like, not following a trend.

We'll elaborate... 

When it comes to your wedding day, there's one thing we often have in common,  you want it to be unique and to have a snippet of something that no bride has done before! 

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Celebs and Royal weddings all tend to shape the way when it comes to inspiring unique styles and trend setting, and admittedly, we get caught amongst it.

From Princess Beatrice's desirable flower arch, to Gwen Stefani's iconic bridal red lipstick, we love keeping tab on the latest fashionable features. 

But, with 2020 being the year that we all stayed at home, with no ceremonies and no events, it gave us the chance to decide what WE want, with minimal media influence. 

This year we've seen the return of the shower bouquet, (which we believe hasn't been influenced by external factors - purely by personal choice.) and quite frankly we are SO pleased that we're gradually getting more requests for this style. Here's one we made earlier - stunning right!? 

Say 'Que sera sera' to ceremonies...

Similarly, when it comes to the ceremony, many of you are happy with low-key affairs, some of you say that you're glad you can have an intimate do! 

Others are wanting to 'go big or go home', ready to hit the ground running when restrictions say so! 

One thing is for sure, you're acting on what suits you

So let's just say...

Whatever you decide for your big day, be inspired, be creative, but don't forget to embrace what makes you, you - as that simply is the best trend you could ever wish for. 


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